Monthly Cleaning, Month #2

Do people even use the “#” to mean “number” anymore? Do we actually have to write out the word “number”? Kids these days are probably so confused when someone tells them they are “#1”.

Anyway, one month of cleaning down! My room for last month was the office/craft room/where Oliver hangs out during the day. We actually finished cleaning it on time and it feels SO good to have it cleaned out, organized, and cleaned. The biggest project in there was the closet. For some reason that closet gets out of control very quickly. I organized it real nicely last year, but had to do it again this year.

In last month’s post I wrote that I wanted to get rid of at least 10 things per room. I’m not sure if paper counts toward that, but we had an entire trash bag full of papers to throw away, and a few “real” items too. We actually had two garage sales this month to help a neighbor out. Two weekends back-to-back in the hot Texas sun! But I love the feeling of getting rid of things and making money from them! We’re going to have a third one in the fall sometime to help him continue to get rid of things. And hopefully by then we’ll have a few more things of our own to set out!

So, the room for September is the Living Room! I’m way too excited about this. I’m hoping I get it all done within the month because we will be on a trip for a bit. Here is my PDF 2- Living Room.

Did anyone start in August on this plan? What room did you do?

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