House Makeover: Master Bedroom

When my hubby and I moved into our first home together in March of 2012, our new house was fine… but needed some serious “updating”. For starters, the entire house was painted white. So from the day we moved in up through just a few weeks ago (over a year!) we worked on house projects almost every weekend trying to get our new home to where we wanted it. I wish I had blogged during that time to record all we did, but since I didn’t, I’m going to do “home tour”, using several posts to cover each room in the house.  (Keep in mind that when I was taking “before” pictures I didn’t intend for them to be on a blog… I do wish they were better!)

The journey of our bedroom makeover began the night we moved in. We tested paint samples, and the next day bought the paint and started covering up those bright white walls!

2012-03-25 master before paint (4) DSC00990

After painting, we moved on to other areas of the house and didn’t finish our room for several months. But we had quite a few elements to get completed before the room was all put together! We refinished two pieces of furniture:

DSC01388 DSC01488 This dresser was my dad’s when he was growing up, then mine when I was growing up. We “updated” it some.

DSC01419DSC01491 We bought this piece of furniture from an online consignment type group. Was in pretty bad shape and smelled awful. But we did a pretty great job fixing it up!

I had my heart set on a new headboard and nightstands. So I begged my husband and father-in-law to build them for me. I scoured Pinterest and finally fell in love with these headboard and nightstand plans from Ana White. We didn’t use “reclaimed barnwood” because where do you find that? And my husband works at a lumber yard so we get a pretty good discount on lumber. Also, it took about a month, not just a few hours. Also, we had to make some height adjustments on the nightstands to better fit our bed. I wish that I had pictures from the process, but they didn’t want me nagging them hanging around too much during the process.  That was better anyway because it made seeing the finished products even more exciting! They did such a good job. It’s been several months and I am still in awe!




Amazing! It looks so classy. As for the other aspects in the room, I couldn’t find gray lamps, so I bought black ones and spray painted them. The wall hanging on the right is a frame with our vows handwritten and pictures of us saying them.


I made these canvases to go over the bed. All are verses from Song of Solomon. The references are 5:16, 3:4, 2:16. I painted the stripes on canvases using tape to make the lines, then painted a thin canvas to go on top. I used scrapbook stickers for the letters and then cut out hearts from different scrapbook papers.


On Pinterest I had seen the big “love” over the headboard, but since I wanted to put my canvases there, I chose to spell out “love” here.


Beside the furniture, this is my FAVORITE aspect of our room. Pictures from each anniversary! I bought enough frames for many more years, just didn’t want to hang that many empty ones up! I plan to take a picture each year with us holding the number for that year.

We are so in love with our room and all the aspects that we’ve added to it. Thanks for reading out the journey of this room and stay tuned for the others!

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