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House Makeover: John Deere Bathroom

In our year long home makeover journey, the guest bathroom is the room we were most excited about…. because we had a theme… John Deere. You may not believe me, but it was my idea. Really so that we had a place to store display all my hubby’s John Deere paraphernalia. I think it also helps people who come to our home get a better sense of who we are.

We debated the color for a long time, whether to do brown or go all out and do John Deere green. We finally decided to go all the way and had the store mix up the John Deere green paint formula. When we first started painting I was beginning to question our decision…


(Please ignore my painting clothes and hair….)

In the end, it turned out better than I could have imagined. We started with a plain, white bathroom:

2012-04-12 guest bath before (2) 2012-04-12 guest bath before (1)

…and turned it into a John Deere extravaganza


One of my best friends made that adorable button “M” with John Deere backing. Love it so much! I spray painted the light switch cover and the soap dispenser yellow- love the little touch that adds to the whole thing. You can’t see it very well, but that is a John Deere hand towel.


My mom made this amazing shower curtain with fabric from Hobby Lobby. Love it so much and it really helps to tie the room together.


I wanted to be sure to incorporate a personal touch, so in the shelf above the toilet (another father-in-law creation!), I displayed pictures of my husband and us with some of his tractors. The little toy tractors were on his “tractor show” groom’s cake.

We love how it all turned out and are excited to show it to our guests when they come over. Definitely a great snapshot of who we are and my husband’s hobby!


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Hubby’s 30th Birthday- The Party

I LOVE birthdays. Love, love, love so much. It’s so important to take that one day a year and celebrate someone and make them feel special. I try really hard to make sure my friends and family feel loved and cared about on their special days. This week, my husband turned 30! Thanks to Pinterest, I have been planning this big birthday for well over a year. Kind of crazy, I know. But I have just been SO EXCITED.

This past weekend I threw him a party. In my original plans (like, a year ago) it was going to be a massive party with all his friends and family. But, when it came down to practicality, that was going to be really expensive and a lot of work. So, we chose to have a gathering of his closest family and friends. And I was still able to use some of the ideas I have been gathering.

My husband is a tractor guy. Ever since he was a little kid he has loved working on, restoring, and driving antique tractors. His favorite day of the year is the annual local tractor show. He currently owns six antique tractors, two of which are fully running and restored. He owns a John Deere, an Oliver, a Farmall, a Ford, and two Cases. I had planned to do a “classy” antique tractor themed party, but it eventually turned into just John Deere themed. That’s what most people think all tractors are anyways.

DSC02078 DSC02077 DSC02074

For decorations I did simple crepe paper and balloons. And I loved the John Deere banner that I found at the local party supply store! My in-laws had the great idea to make a photo display of pictures from when he was younger. Everyone so enjoyed looking at all those photos and reminiscing!


I bought some mason jars and put ribbon around them and used those to hold the knives and forks. I chose to put them on the tables so they could play double-duty as centerpieces and functionality!

I am really into baking and decorating cakes. So that is always my favorite part of any birthday/gathering. I had thought about how to do the cake for this party for a long time. Since my 4th of July layer cake, I have been into doing layers of different colors, so I thought it would be neat to do chocolate, green, and yellow layers. I used cream cheese icing in between the layers and for the crumb coat, and chocolate icing for the outside. (I used a total of six cans of icing! Maybe too much?).  The little tractors I added were some that were used on Michael’s groom’s cake at our wedding and now reside in our John Deere bathroom (I cleaned them really well!!).

IMG_2500 IMG_2521

I wanted to have some games on hand to help make it a more “party atmosphere”. I didn’t know if the group of adults would really be into games, but it went so well! Everyone seemed to be enjoying the games. We played 1983/Michael Trivia and Tractor Bingo. I used an online bingo card generator to make the bingo game.

IMG_2520 DSC02094

For food we had bbq from one of Michael’s favorite places, along with cookies and cake. Everyone must have been having a great time because most stayed for over five hours! I’d say that’s a successful party.

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