30 Presents for 30 Years

In addition to loving birthdays, I LOVE giving gifts. Especially to my husband. I ran across this post on Pinterest (where most of my ideas come from…) and decided to do a similar thing- give him 30 gifts on his birthday! It definitely took some effort first coming up with thirty items that weren’t just junk, and then going and purchasing them all. But when he arrived home after work on his birthday and saw them all on the table, it was so worth it! He was in awe.



I wrapped them in different papers to create a more “festive” feel. I love how they all came together. It looks like SO MANY presents!! I made those cute number tags so he would know there were 30 total, and so he would unwrap them in a specific order (just because I’m OCD).


It took a long time for him to unwrap them all, which was fun. Usually it doesn’t take long to unwrap presents and then it’s all over with! He opened half before dinner and half after. So if you’re wondering, here’s the list of all 30 gifts:

  1. A card
  2. His memory book
  3. Gummy candies
  4. Flossers (y’all, he likes this specific kind of flossers that I feel are expensive, so he doesn’t get them on a regular basis.)
  5. Old timey sodas (from Cracker Barrel)
  6. Otterbox for his new iPhone my parents got him
  7. Slim Jim
  8. Special shampoo (Again, the shampoo he likes is not in the regular budget…)
  9. Cedar grilling plank
  10. Moon pies
  11. Gum (If you do this, buy more than one pack…. I only bought one and it seemed a bit paltry)
  12. Soap on a Rope
  13. Czech cookbook
  14. Whataburger Spicy Ketchup (This was by far his favorite of the presents. I probably could have just bought 30 bottles of this and been done with it)
  15. Hershey bars
  16. Taco Bell gift card
  17. A DVD of eight Westerns
  18. Reese’s
  19. Brylcreem (Another expensive product….)
  20. Altoids
  21. “Take a day off work and let’s go to the Blue Bell factory”
  22. Shiner beer
  23. A John Deere puzzle
  24. Peanuts
  25. Subway gift card
  26. T-shirt
  27. “Take a day off work and let’s go tour the Shiner brewery”
  28. Polka CD
  29. K-cups
  30. A small frame to put on his desk at work with pictures of me and Oliver


He was very happy.

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