House Makeover: Master Closet

At the end of December 2012 we had completed most of our house projects, and it was time to deal with the master closet. I had put that off until the end because it isn’t seen by many people, and because I knew it was going to be frustrating! Our closet had become a catch-all with zero organization. Every day I would get very frustrated with it… but I felt overwhelmed at the thought of how to tackle it. So, one day I decided to just start, and within a week it was painted, my father-in-law built and installed a new cabinet, and we had a new organization system for the way-too-many shoes I have and all the random items me and my hoarder husband have held on to (I’m a hoarder too, but he’s way worse than me. Love you, babe!).

I wanted to paint the closet a color, just to make it more fun. So I chose gray. That became a pretty difficult first step- choosing the right gray color… There are so many variations!, but I finally settled on one and spent a couple days painting.

We replaced the builder-grade, ratty, half-painted rods with some pretty cheap metal rods we found at Lowes. We also took out most of the shelving and replaced it with a gorgeous cabinet my father-in-law built (LOVE having a carpenter in the family!!). The thing I hated most about the closet was that my shoes were just all in a pile, so we bought a shoe rack. The one we got is kinda cheap so the shoes fall off it continuously… but it’s still better than the pile. At least there’s an attempt at them being organized? For all our “junk”, I bought black baskets and put them on the very top shelf. I like the “clean” look that gives.









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