House Makeover: Entry

When we moved in to our lovely stark white house, the entry was one of the first rooms that we finished. We painted, changed the awful light fixture and added decor.

2012-04-12 entry before 2012-05-22 entry done (1)

My FAVORITE piece of decor in our house is a Pinterest-inspired project I did to record the previous places we have lived. It includes pictures, addresses, dates, and keys from our first two apartments we lived in together. Love having those memories and parts of our story together as part of our home now.

2012-05-22 entry done (3)

Last week, our entry went through another makeover. I had been wanting a place to hang coats and such because last winter jackets were ending up all over the house and that was annoying. So I’ve been on Pinterest searching for coatrack ideas and settled on simple piece of wood on the wall with hooks. My great hubby lovingly took on this project and I am so happy with how it turned out!


I have also been wanting to get a new table instead of the bookshelf that had been pretending to be a console table. A few weeks ago I saw one at Target that I fell in love with (and it matches our end tables in the living room!), but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money… until last week when I was there with a friend and she gave me the encouragement I needed to just buy it 🙂 I am SO happy with it.  (And it’s also become a great place to semi-hide my hubby’s shoes that end up all over the house!)



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