Oliver’s Adoption Day Party

This post is over a month late, but I still really wanted to write about it. On October 13th, we celebrated Oliver’s One Year Adoption Day. Can’t believe we’ve had our sweet boy for a year! I have no idea how we ever lived without him. Since we will never know his actual birthday, we also celebrate his “birthday” on this day too. We may have gone a bit overboard, but we had fun and he did too! He really could tell something was different and he was being loved on. He was very happy!

Our presents for him: elevated food and water bowls (before this his bowls had been on a cardboard box… so this was probably more for us than him!), a new tennis ball (he doesn’t really play fetch, but we keep buying him tennis balls anyway…), a new rope (ropes are his favorites and he tends to go through them quite quickly), a stuffed owl, and a card.


His special treats included cheese cut into bone shapes (he LOVES cheese) and Starbucks whipped cream (did you know you can ask them for a “puppy whip” when you go through the drive-thru?).


We sang “Happy Birthday” to him and his face just lit up!

IMG_3262 IMG_3261

We attempted to take a family picture… but this is the best we could do:


So we opted for individual pics

IMG_3241 IMG_3250 IMG_3304Happy Birthday, our sweet Oliver! Your mommy and daddy love you very much!

We are so grateful God led us to him (seriously, God’s hand was all over our adoption story) and look forward to our second year of fun adventures with our buddy!

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