Pinterest Crafting, Part 1 of Many

One of my best friends has been off work for a few weeks to take care of her mom after a surgery. Since I am unemployed and spend most days at home, just me and Oliver, having a friend off work is like winning the lottery. For months we’ve been talking about doing Pinterest crafts, but there just never seems to be time. So last week we chose some crafts to do, made a couple trips to Hobby Lobby, and crafted away!

We’ve both been really wanting to do button crafts, so those are the first ones we attempted. I made a heart and and a paw print. They are going to go in our entry way above the coat rack my husband recently built (post on that coming soon!). I used two different methods. For the heart I just kinda “winged it” and didn’t create an outline to follow or anything. With the paw I cut out the shapes on brown paper and glued those onto the canvas, then put the buttons on those.  I really didn’t think I was going to successfully create a paw out of buttons, and it still be a definable shape. The paper behind helps to give it more definition. I really want to attempt a tree next… But not sure I trust my skills to draw a good one!

paw and heart

My friend made a K out of buttons (the first letter of her name). I think hers turned out super cute! She traced a K onto the canvas and used that as an outline to put the buttons down.


The next day we crafted some more! I made a fall decoration that I am in LOVE with! And it was so simple: Just a framed canvas from Hob Lob (they have some really cute new things!!), some wooden letters and a burlap flower from the scrapbooking department.


Love crafting and can’t wait to make some more things! Especially fall and Christmas crafts! What are some of your favorite holiday crafts you’ve made?

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