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Cleaning Month 1: Office/Craft Room

Month One of cleaning is finished and our office/craft room is very clean and organized! I love that feeling. We started off the cleaning by renting a steam cleaner and cleaning all the carpets in the house. That was a lot more work than I thought! (Though the hubby did most of it…, thanks, babe!). So in awe, and disgusted, by how dirty the water was coming up. Ugh. So gross. But I know that unless you steam clean every day, they’re just going to get like that. Nice knowing they’re a bit cleaner, for now.

Another big project I tackled in this room was the closet. When we moved in I didn’t really do much to it, just tried to bring simple organization. But it has bothered me ever since then and I took this opportunity to really do something. I was limited in time and budget, so it’s not perfect, but definitely better!

20130908-204100.jpg 20130908-203918.jpg

Wow! Looking back at the Before pictures makes me cringe. Can’t believe I let it get that bad. All I purchased to organize things were those two black drawer containers and the two black baskets on the top shelf. One of our biggest issues was our wrapping paper and gift bags. That whole gifting area had gotten completely out of control. So I used one of my new black things to put gift bags, ribbon, tissue paper, and boxes in. Then my wonderful hubby built me a holder for the wrapping paper rolls.

20130908-204124.jpg 20130908-204132.jpg

So much better!!  (Also, I’ve tried and tried to get the pictures bigger, but they want to stay small. No idea what’s wrong there.)

Here is the full list of everything I cleaned and cleaned out/organized. You obviously have to tailor it for your specific room needs, but it’s what I did:

  • Steam cleaned the floor
  • Dusted the fan (did this before cleaning the floor…)
  • Cleaned the windows, inside and out
  • Dusted the blinds (I used a wet cloth and that worked really well)
  • Dusted the closet shelves
  • Dusted all the shelves/desk/etc.
  • Cleaned the door knobs (with disinfectant wipes. Probably need to get in the habit of doing that more often!)
  • Cleaned the baseboards and trim (I used dryer sheets because that’s a “trick” I’ve seen in Pinterest. Not sure it it’s the best way or not, but it works for me!)
  • Cleaned the walls (I used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser- my first time to use those and I am in love! Best product ever.)
  • Touched up the baseboards and trim.
  • Touched up the walls.
  • Cleaned/touched up the doors. (Again, Magic Eraser)
  • Disinfected the light switch (So gross. Definitely want to do that more often.)
  • Cleaned and touched up the window sill (Oliver sits and lays his head on that allll day, so it had gotten pretty gross)
  • Wiped off/dusted frames
  • Caught up on our shredding (we let that get way out of control)
  • Cleaned out/organized the closet
  • Cleaned out/organized the desk
  • Cleaned out/organized the filing cabinet
  • Cleaned out/organized the bookshelf and craft shelf
  • Cleared off/updated my bulletin board
  • Updated the decor

The room for September is the Living Room! Already been working on it some. Will update on that in a month!

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Pinterest Crafting, Part 1 of Many

One of my best friends has been off work for a few weeks to take care of her mom after a surgery. Since I am unemployed and spend most days at home, just me and Oliver, having a friend off work is like winning the lottery. For months we’ve been talking about doing Pinterest crafts, but there just never seems to be time. So last week we chose some crafts to do, made a couple trips to Hobby Lobby, and crafted away!

We’ve both been really wanting to do button crafts, so those are the first ones we attempted. I made a heart and and a paw print. They are going to go in our entry way above the coat rack my husband recently built (post on that coming soon!). I used two different methods. For the heart I just kinda “winged it” and didn’t create an outline to follow or anything. With the paw I cut out the shapes on brown paper and glued those onto the canvas, then put the buttons on those.  I really didn’t think I was going to successfully create a paw out of buttons, and it still be a definable shape. The paper behind helps to give it more definition. I really want to attempt a tree next… But not sure I trust my skills to draw a good one!

paw and heart

My friend made a K out of buttons (the first letter of her name). I think hers turned out super cute! She traced a K onto the canvas and used that as an outline to put the buttons down.


The next day we crafted some more! I made a fall decoration that I am in LOVE with! And it was so simple: Just a framed canvas from Hob Lob (they have some really cute new things!!), some wooden letters and a burlap flower from the scrapbooking department.


Love crafting and can’t wait to make some more things! Especially fall and Christmas crafts! What are some of your favorite holiday crafts you’ve made?

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